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ARMS Software International Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia based, MSC Status Company that specializes in F&B (Food & Beverage), POS (Point Of Sale) and Retail Management System solutions. We value Experience and Innovation as the core components of our business.


Today, our retail solutions, registered Trademark ARMS®, has tens of thousands of users worldwide. Being in the retail business since the 1980s, we utilized our accumulated retail experience and knowledge, to develop ARMS® in 2001. Currently, we have a workforce of more than 30 personnel, which include retail management specialists, software engineers, ARMS® help desk specialists, field support personnel and trainers. Additionally, we also have 4 service centre's to provide service and consultation to our customers throughout Malaysia. With our initiative coupled with our customer’s input, we continue to improve and enhance ARMS® so that it continues to meet the needs and expectations of the highly competitive retail industry.


ARMS® is a pioneering innovation in the retail software industry, due to the fact that our solution was built on leading edge technology with cross platform compatibility. We developed our POS front-end with open standards to maximize hardware compatibility, whilst our software’s back-end is based upon web technology to ensure user accessibility at any given time or place. Utilizing Internet Cloud Technology, ARMS® is both highly customizable and provides endless upgrade options for our users, effective with all levels of business growth.


ARMS® is suitable for use in almost all types of retail businesses, which includes sundry shops, pharmacies, furniture stores, hardware stores, bookstores, house ware and appliances, clothing and soft goods, household equipment, bakery's, aquariums, hair and beauty saloon's, motor vehicle retail, car accessories, mobile phone shops, supermarkets, departmental stores, restaurants, cafes, fast food businesses, etc.


Our current products are namely, ARMS® Lite, ARMS® Go, ARMS® Premium and ARMS® F&B.


ARMS® Lite is developed for standalone retail businesses. It is both affordable yet comes bundled with all the features necessary. It can be set up quickly and easily, without much effort. Businesses can begin operating their transactions is no time.


ARMS® Go / ARMS® Premium is developed for businesses with a Single HQ (Head Quarters) Multiple Branch structure. As there are more numerous requirements and responsibilities to be fulfilled for such a large enterprise, our team is ever ready to work with business personnel closely to ensure that the modifications and enhancements necessary to continue operating their retail business run at maximum efficiency whilst using ARMS®.


Taking advantage of the popularity of tables with touchscreen interfaces, ARMS® F&B is best utilized for food and beverage businesses. By including social network influences into the POS system, ARMS® F&B aims to create a more personal and intuitive communication system for the F&B industry via connecting consumers directly with restaurant business operators.


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