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Many have asked, "Why did your company decide to develop a unique POS system, instead of just modifying a pre-existing system already available on the market?" Our answer is simple. Our specialists have been accumulating over 15 years of experience in retail (either as a business owner, consultant, or as an executive manager) and discovered that there did not exist a fully coherent POS system that could assist management to hasten managerial decisions or increase efficiency in the corporation as a whole. Thus, we decided to develop our own POS system to address these flaws, and to share and spread the fruits of our efforts to all other retailers, in the hopes of creating a flexible and adaptable business approach to retail.

(Q) Is ARMS® software the best solution for me?
(A) Yes. In today's highly competitive retail environment, the use of technological enhancements is an effective advantage to increase sales and minimize costs over the long term. ARMS® solutions are designed to be user friendly, customizable, adaptable to the nature of your business, cost effective, upgradable, portable, and easy to both use and setup. Designed to be both, reliable and effective, it is simply the best software of its class.

(Q) Where can I purchase ARMS® Software?
(A) You can purchase ARMS® software from any of our authorized dealers, or contact us at +604-5882562  so that our professional support staff can direct you to the nearest available outlet.

(Q) Does ARMS® Software International Sdn Bhd act as a hardware supplier?
(A) Please contact us at +604-5882562 for more information.

(Q) Do I get free on-site training upon request?
(A) No. On-site training charges will depend on your specific request requirements and necessities. However, telephone support and e-ticketing is available at no charge as an ARMS® customer.

(Q) Can I integrate the software with other software when I own multiple outlets?
(A) Yes, ARMS® software is designed to serve multiple levels of business structures.

(Q) How can I become a ARMS® software dealer?
(A) Kindly fill in all the necessary information under the (Reseller) section if you are interested in becoming one of our dealers, or call us at +604-5882562.

(Q) Enquiries regarding GST?
(A) Want to know which tax code to tag for your product items? Contact your local Kastam office from the following link:


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