Retail, we know all.


ARMS® GO lets you enjoy all the premium features of ARMS® Premium but at a flexible, subscription based service .

  • Premium Features
  • Affordable rates
  • Secure – Hosted At In-House
  • Server in ARMS® Software HQ
  • Flexible
  • Free Of Hassle
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Live Service
  • Responsive Technical Support

ARMS® GO gives you the one stop solution that covers, manages and controls every step of the retail flow perfectly. We deploy an in-house server in the ARMS® Software International Sdn Bhd headquarters, this means users can receive an immediate response on service recovery with a simple phone call or via email ticketing, served by our well trained personnel. Users can also enjoy free general updates whenever available, developed by our knowledgeable software engineers.

In ARMS® Software International Sdn Bhd, we only recruit the very best of each sector to form our the team. With this in mind, we aim to provide a low cost, hassle free service using the utmost of our expertise and skill to provide the best retail solution for your business.

With features such as, live sales update monitoring, software upgrade flexibility, remote access and control, and multiple device compatibility, in-hand connectivity can be achieved simply with an internet connection and browser installed.

ARMS® GO SaaS POS and Retail Management System is the best solution for new start up's.

ARMS® GO Standard Modules


  • User Privileges Setup and Control
  • Approval Flow
  • User Logs


  • Category
  • Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)
  • SKU Group
  • PLU Code (Price Look-up)
  • Bill Of Material (BOM)
  • Unit Of Measurement (UOM)
  • Brand
  • Brand Group
  • Vendor
  • Debtors
  • Return Policy
  • Serial Number Control
  • Batch Number Control
  • GST


  • Purchase Order
     * Vendor login PO proposal 
     * HQ Purchase Order (centralized purchase or HQ assisted purchase on behalf of branches) (relate to DCC)
     * Stock Replenishment (stock reorder point [min], stock reorder level[max])


  • Goods Receive Process
  • Delivery Order
     * Inter-branch Transfer Note
     * Cash Sale DO (Cash Bill)
     * Credit Sale DO/Invoice
  • Stock Take
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Goods Return Process

Promotion & Discounts

  • Direct Discount (% and set value)
  • Mix / Match Promotion
     * PWP
     * PWG
     * Voucher/Coupon Reward
     * Purchase A+B+C, free item entitlement
     * Purchase SKU Group (multiple items) special price/discount entitlement
     * Purchase A, entitle B at discount price
  • Member Promotion
  • Price Change (Instant/Delayed Price Change)

Front End Monitoring

  • Counter Collection
  • Live Sales Monitoring

Point of Sale 

  • Trade In
  • Deposit 
  • Multi Tender Types (Cash/Credit Card/Voucher & Coupon / Cheque/...)
  • Offline Mode 
  • Training Mode 
  • Item Discount 
  • Receipt Discount 
  • Multiple Selling Price
  • SKU lookup 
  • Consignment Validate Bill
  • Bulk Selling Price (Quantity Discount Price)
  • Lock Counter 
  • Item Remark 
  • Receipt Remark
  • Goods Return 
  • Delete Item
  • Hold Bill
  • Prune Transaction
  • Open Drawer 
  • Cash Advanced
  • Reprint Receipt 
  • Cancel Bill 
  • Price Check 
  • Change Password 
  • Multi UOM 
  • Test Promotion 
  • Top Up Cash 
  • Counter Denomination


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